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Burners Incense and Aroma

aroma burners and incense burnersAroma Burners and Incense Burners are decorative and functional tools for burning relaxation scents in your home. They help to purify the air and provide a variety of scents to stimulate or relax your mind. Select an Aroma Burner or Incense Burner with your favorite theme or decorative design to add both beauty and function to your home surroundings.

We offer a selection of Aroma Burners for use with our Essential Oils CollectionsHow to Use: Aroma Burners are composed of a heat source and a glass cup. Place a few drops of an essential oil in the glass cup and a heat source warms the glass to infuse the essential oil fragrance into the air. The heat source is typically a tealight candle.

We also offer Incense Burners to hold Incense Sticks from our Cultural Incense Sticks Collections. How to Use: Place a single incense stick in the small hole provided in the incense stick holder. The hole will hold the stick at an angle. Light the incense stick with a match. The ashes from the incense stick will gather in a metal cup in the incense burner tray. We sell Incense Sticks by Flaires which will burn 45 minutes or more.

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Chinese Dragons Aroma Burner
Chinese Dragons Aroma Burner
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Happy Buddha Hotai Aroma Burner
Happy Buddha Hotai Aroma Burner
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On sale: $20.50 On Sale
King Tut Coffin Egyptian Incense Burner
King Tut Coffin Egyptian Incense Burner
Your Price: $19.49