David Renaissance Statue by Donatello
Donatello's David after defeating Goliath

David Renaissance Statue by Donatello

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The biblical hero David from the Old Testament has been made in the hands of many different artists such as this version here by Donatello from the 1450s during the Italian Renaissance era. Notice the young shepherd boy stands at rest after beheading his mighty foe Goliath. David's foot rests on the head of Goliath. The original bronze sculpture measures 62 inches tall and is part of the collection in the National Museum, Florence. 

Donatello had an immense impact on Renaissance art and his statue of David was the first free standing nude statue of the Christian Era. Donatello invented the shallow relief technique, where the sculpture seems deep, but is actually done on a vary shallow plane. In this sculpture, Donatello does not have David admiring the head of his slain victim, Goliath, but rather at his own graceful and powerful body. It is the admiration of ones self which is the dominant theme in Renaissance Art. 

Our reproduction of David Renaissance Statue by Donatello is made from bonded marble on a black marble base, imported from Italy, and measures 11"H x 4"W x 4"D.

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