Egyptian Sphinx Miniature Gold and Color 4L

Egyptian Sphinx Miniature Gold and Color 4L

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The word Sphinx used by the Greeks derives perhaps from the Egyptian Shesepankh "Living Statue". It designates a type of statue joining a human head to the body of a lion and symbolizes sovereignty combining the strength of the lion with a human intelligence.

Our reproduction statue is small in size for homeschooling or using as a paperweight on your desk. It adds history and humor to your every day world. Imagine how the great sphinx at Giza originally looked when it too was once painted. Made from resin, hand-painted gold and color details, 4"L x 2"W approx.

The Egyptian Sphinx was, with only a few exceptions in representations of some Queens of the Middle Kingdom, shown as male. Also, the Egyptian Sphinx was viewed as benevolent, a guardian, whereas the Greek Sphinx was invariably malevolent towards people. The Sphinx was the embodiment of royal power often shown smiting the King's enemies, or the King himself being represented as a victorious Sphinx trampling on his foes. This Sphinx represents King Thutmosis III wearing a striped "Nemes" head cloth protected by an Uraeus and a false beard.

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