Ba-bird Egyptian Statue Miniature
Ba-bird Egyptian Statue Miniature

Ba-bird Egyptian Statue Miniature

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2.75"H x 2.5"W x 2.5"D

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Ba Bird Human Soul, Ptolemaic Period (3305-30 B.C)
The Ba is one of the five constituent parts of the human soul. It stands for everything that makes an individual unique. The term is close to what we now refer to as someone's personality or character. Someone's Ba lives on the after their death and is therefore often depicted as a bird with a human head flying out of the grave. This statuette dates back to the Ptolemaic period named after the Greek rulers which Alexander the Great instated after capturing Egypt.

Part of the Parastone Mouseion 3D Collection of museum replicas. Made from resin, hand painted wood and color finish. Measures: 2.75"H x 2.5"W x 2.5"D.

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