Dia De Los Muertos scary or not?

Posted by Administrator on 8/7/2013

Let me start by asking you why do so many young and old find Dia de los muertos (Day of the dead) so fascinating? I myself as a boy found skull heads interesting and had one made of plaster sitting on a shelf next to my model cars in my bedroom. When we were kids, I was influenced by TV as well as history books in school when I saw dinosaurs and human remains.  I may have seen a skeleton for the first time on Halloween as a costume. It didn't frighten me because it was my big brother dressed like one.day of the dead statue dia de los muertos

These are some of the products I found on eMuseumStore.com that convey the theme of the Mexican ancestor celebration Dia de los muertos. These are of course done with humor and not so scary. I have seen other samples that I would not like to encounter in a dark alley.

Are most of us not frightened by skull and bones? Or does it depend on the circumstances?

Was your experience with Dia de los muertos scary or not?



Chris Gomez
Date: 9/3/2013
Dia de Los Murtos is a time of celebration for the dead :) No need to be scared. I find the skulls very festive and reminds everyone that death is part of life. I'm proud this celebration is part of my heritage. The Day of the Dead celebration originated from the Aztecs. They dedicated the holiday to the goddess Mictecacihuatl (goddess of the underworld). She is said to preside over the modern day celebration and watch over the bones of the deceased.

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