Dionysos Fauns Wine Festival Greek Wall Relief
Wine Festival from Ancient Greece

Dionysos Fauns Wine Festival Greek Wall Relief

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22 1/2"L x 12 1/8"H x 1/2"D.

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This Neoclassical relief from the 19th century collection of the Louvre Museum represents the Lenea or festival of the wine-pressing which is an Athenian Greek fertility celebration in honor of Dionysos (Bacchus) -- the Dionysian mysteries being one of the main components of the old Greek religion. The followers of Dionysos likened the plucking, crushing and pressing of the grape to form a pleasing nectar to the progress of the soul, which is formed whole and then crushed and pressed into shape by the trials of its earthly adventures.

At left, we see a faun playing an instrument while two male figure dance at center with hands clasped. At the right side, a man carries a basket of grapes as part of the Dionysian festivities. The relief would be suitable in a wine room or classical world environment.

Dionysos Fauns Pressing Grapes Wall Relief is made from compound stone, ready to hang with a durable metal hook built into the back, interior use, and measures 22 1/2"L x 12 1/8"H x 1/2"D. Weighs: 11.9 lbs.

Note: stand pictured is not included.

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