Eros Man and Woman Erotic Greek Vase - 8670
Eros Man and Woman Erotic Greek Vase

Eros Man and Woman Erotic Greek Vase - 8670

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16"H x 5.25"W x 5.25"D

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This Attica Lekythos Greek Vase illustrates an erotic scene between Man and Woman Have a Sexual Encounter. It is based on a Greek vase original pattern from circa 460 BC. The woman approaches the man in a private setting. Near the woman the names of Eros and Kalos are written.

Gallery quality reproduction made in Greece from terra-cotta, hand spun on the wheel, certified by the Greek Ministry with a pewter seal, and measures 16"H x 5.25"W x 5.25"L. This vase is no longer manufactured. As such, it is a treasure like the famous original. The painted details have a recently unearthed finish. Our vase is already over 15 years old!

In about 530 B.C., the red figure techniques of painting were invented in Athens. The effect is the reverse or negative of the black figure. The figures are drawn in outline while the background was painted black. This drew them into more vivid relief than the black figure. Within the outline, figure details were drawn with the brush, and not incised with engraver.

The early red figure artists still use some color on their figures but it is soon abandoned for a more simple contrast, which suits the new technique better than the old. Gone for instance is the old color differentiation of sex. This way, different textures of drapery or strength of body modeling could be rendered. The brush also encouraged more detail and realistic treatment of anatomy and attention to depiction of posture.

By the last years of the sixth century B.C., almost every vase painter of quality in Athens was committed to red figure.

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