Lady Unicorn Tapestry

Lady and the Unicorn is a series of 6 tapestries. Five of the six represent the five senses, taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. The sixth has the words "À mon seul désir" it represents love or understanding. Our tapestries are Made in the USA. They range from traditional and conservative, to fun and vibrant, to contemporary and transitional. Tapestries are simply great art that is woven as a textile. Each tapestry is woven on jacquard looms and utilizes between nine and eighteen miles of thread. The combination of the thread colors and weaving creates a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. Tapestries are also extremely practical. They are generously sized and due to the efficiencies in modern weaving, are generally priced competitively with other forms of art.
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The Sense of Touch Scarlet Classic Tapestry
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