Nike from Acropolis Relief - 15H
Nike Tieing Her Sandal from The Acropolis

Nike from Acropolis Relief - 15H

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9.25"W x 15" x 2"D

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This relief illustrates the Goddess Nike from the Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis, Athens, c. 410 BC (High Classical Period). Now housed in the Parthenon Museum in Athens, she is the illustrious Goddess of Victory who guided many Greek warriors to victory in their battles with the Trojans and Spartans. She was well-respected and frequently depicted on reliefs, pottery, and as sculptures. The artist Phidias (500-432 BC) created this relief as well as much of the sculpture and statuary from the Acropolis. Made from reinforced plaster, ready to hang, white with ochre wash, 9.25"W x 15" x 2"D, 5 lbs.

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