Prehistoric Triceratops Skull
Triceratops Museum Quality Skull sculpture

Prehistoric Triceratops Skull

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Add some dinosaur bones to your collection of museum quality replicas! Created by paleolithic artist Larry Williams, this intricate dinosaur sculpture of an extinct prehistoric Triceratops Skull combines superior sculpting ability with field expertise. It has been extensively researched and shows all of the intricate markings and details of an original.

Triceratops was a rhinoceros like dinosaur which was one of the last to become extinct. It made up most of the plant eating population just before the end of the Cretaceous period. Characterized by a short pointed tail, bulky body and three horns on its face, Triceratops grew to about 30 feet long and up to 10 feet tall weighing about 12 tons.

Our extinct museum quality Triceratops skull is made from compound stone with a hand-painted finish to replicate the minutest details, 17"L with 9"L horns.

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