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For those small space left on you wall that you need to fill we have a selection of small reliefs that will be great for that space. If you love history you will love some our Egyptian wall hangings like Queen Nefertari Valley of the Queens, the Rosetta Stone with Hieroglyphics, or the Feathered Serpent Aztec and Mayan Head of Quetzalcoatl Wall Relief. Or maybe something subtle like the ABC's of Life Inspiration Words to Live By, or the Circular Garden Tree Metal Folk Art Wall Hanging.
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Chinese Tibetan I Ching Spiritual Divination Wall Relief
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Julius Caesar Roman Wall Relief
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Nike from Acropolis Relief - 15H
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Ten Commandments Wall Hanging
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Dancing Ganesh Hindu Wall Relief Small
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Ganesh Relief Bronze and Color Finish
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Wall Hanging
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Aztec Solar Calendar Wall Relief Small
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Archangel Michael Devotional Icon
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