Sunflowers Porcelain Teapot by Van Gogh
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Sunflowers Porcelain Teapot by Van Gogh

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Sunflowers Painting by Van Gogh (1888, fourth version)

In 1887 in Paris, where Theo his brother lived, Van Gogh painted four still lifes of sunflowers. The works received great praise from his good friend Paul Gaugain, whose opinion meant a great deal to him. A year passed and Van Gogh hoped to impress Gaugain with four, new Sunflowers painting. These were intended for his friend's bedroom at the Yellow House in Arles, where both artists spent nine eventful weeks between October and December. In 1889, he painted another three versions which were very like the prior series of four.

The Sunflower symbolizes adoration, affection, constancy, gratitude and glory, and the solar wheel. It is a Christian symbol of religious obedience, as all day it faces the sun (Christ). The golden color, ray-like petals and the turning toward the sun as it grows, all identify it as a solar flower. In China, it is considered a magical flower that represents longevity.

Miniature Teapot with Sunflowers Painting is made from porcelain, hand painted enamel on all sides, hinged lid, decorative use only.

Part of the Kelvin Chen Collection of miniature teapots.

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