They look like Aliens to me!

Posted by Administrator on 8/23/2013

Ancient Egyptians from Outer-Space!

When you think of the ancient Egyptians, does it seem like they were one of the first civilizations, or that they originated from outer-space? I am one of those people that is mystified by the past and the things that were left behind. Well let's think back to those times of the ancient Egyptians and their history, and what was uncovered in that era. Also let's think about what others things were going on the other side of the globe about the same time period as the Egyptians. There were some other cultures like the Mayans, Asians, Mesopotamians, Cycladics...Were they also from outer-space?

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They look like Aliens to me!

Now lets draw a time line parallel between what was really going on throughout the globe at the same time. Many cultures crossed paths into the human timeline puzzle. We then can start to get a picture on how things changed to what we know today. It's kind of unfortunate that a lot of change was by war and human slavery or as we put it in today's terms, a "Don't tell me what to do" attitude. I also find it interesting how historians try to get into the minds and spirit of some artisans of a past life, who have left behind traces of artifacts. Then they research into the past and try to decipher why it was made and its purpose. So many great history books have been written on findings of the past and the artifacts left behind. At eMuseumStore  we bring to you some of the history and the finding behind the cultures and the artifact that were discovered so long ago. We keep carrying on the cultures of the past. It's nice to have somewhat of an understanding of who we are as a human race and the advances we have made with the knowledge of those before us. Only to to start a new journey so those who follow in our footprints. Are we traveling into space to discover the past or do we call it the future?

 Who is out there?

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