What do men like?

Posted by Joe on 4/11/2014 to Cultures and Traditions
What Do Men Like? eMuseumStore.com Blog
Greetings from eMuseumStore.com 
 In my humble opinion, I'm Joe at eMuseumStore.com and here's what men like in art and life. eMuseumStore has had our share of men shopping in our online Museum Store and can see a pattern in their taste. Here are some examples. 

 One of the most purchased artworks showcases the beautiful lines of a goddess. For example, our Hindu Dancing Celestial Attendant Woman illustrates the spiraling swirl of her graceful hips. What a beauty! 

 Another image men look for is what we refer to as a Pinup Girl. French sculptor Rodin shows us this pose in his The Bather. The woman kneels before us with her arms raised. She presents herself in an unassuming way which invites us to look. Modigliani also captures a Female Nude in this way. 

 But Women aren't the only subject men like to look at! Images of power and leadership are also part of our DNA. So images of famous military leaders such as the Roman Emperor Augustus and Great Greek Warriors are appealing. Also, items with moving parts are fun to play with such as our Medieval Catapult replica which can shoot mini projectiles. Place it on the stately Lion Griffin desk top and we're very happy! 

 There are also men who appreciate Great Thinkers from many ages such as Plato, Leonardo daVinci and Darwin. Our statue Monkey with Skull by Rheinhold shows a monkey contemplating a human skull while sitting on a pile of books. The image asks the question of our origins and evolution. 

 So for men, there's something for every kind of man at eMuseumStore.com. Surround yourself with the beauty of historical art and find your inner soul. 

 --- Thank you, Joe 

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