eMuseumStore.com is New and Improved

Posted by Administrator on 1/1/2012
We recently upgraded our web store in order to improve our customer's experience! Look for many new improvements over the next few weeks.

We added a better customer admin area with address book, gift registry, and a wish list improvements.

Our store now offers payment through Paypal and Google payments. Look for Amazon payments in the near future.

We'll keep you posted as the many new features Go Live!

Thank you for your visit.



Deborah Tillison
Date: 7/7/2012 8:18:00 AM
As you improve your website, you might have someone who knows how to spell proofread your text. For instance, on the Jewelry introduction, you have "threw out" when it should be "throughout." Also, unless things have changed, on the Prehistoric site, there is an error in the spelling of Neanderthal, not "Neadertal."

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